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Now more than ever, lawyers are asking not just whether they can engage with an entity, but whether they should. Traditional compliance tools are ill-equipped to facilitate this nuanced decision.

Xapien unlocks powerful AI to re-imagine client intake processes, and keep law firms ahead of the competition.

Xapien uses AI, NLP and cloud technology to read and understand all publicly available information. In a few minutes it produces a comprehensive report that uncovers critical insights on your subject.

Compliance shouldn’t be a burden, but a resource. Get the full picture of your clients in minutes: Xapien them.

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Confidently identify risks

Xapien's neural risk profiler identifies tangible risks about your subject and can distinguish between direct and indirect risks. Articles about other people with the same name are rejected, enabling you to focus on the real risks about your subject.


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Beyond manual research

Go beyond traditional checks confined to lists, databases, records, and keywords. Xapien reads and categorises information fragmented across the internet, using machine learning to surface diverse risks from any online source. These insights are presented in minutes, accelerating your new business intake process.

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Connections and associates

Xapien will surface all close associates, searching through corporate records as well as open-source data to analyse and extract family members, business partners and overlapping directors. Map out entire networks at a glance to confidently assess direct and indirect risks.

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