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Uncover case-winning opportunities in minutes, not days.

Online research can uncover case-winning opportunities in any litigation process. But conducting online research in today’s cluttered information space is expensive and painstaking work. It is often outsourced and confined to specific subjects.

Xapien provides automated background reports on any subject, anywhere in the world in minutes, not days.

Don’t let resource constraints restrict your ability to uncover case-winning details and connections: Xapien them.

Fill in the form to the right, provide the names of up to 6 companies or individuals and Xapien's AI-powered platform will do the rest!

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Xapien powers the research teams of leading businesses and institutions


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Fully sourced insights
Fully sourced insights, instantly

Xapien combs through online records to flag insolvencies and other risk indicators, giving you a high level view of your subject's portfolio. All of the information in the reports Xapien generated is from publicly available data, and is fully sourced so you can easily navigate to the original source.

Accurately search

Xapien's neural risk profiler identifies tangible risks about your subject. Articles about other people with the same name are rejected, enabling you to focus on the key information about your subject.

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In context

Xapien doesn't just present articles for you to read, they are automatically read, identifying assets, associates, wealth, business roles, descriptions, quotes and affiliations. These summaries and categorisations save hours of reading time, that can be used to enrich any counterparty research process.

Frequently asked questions

Who do I contact if I have a problem?
All of our subscription tiers include premium support from our Customer Success team, who will provide ongoing support on an individual report basis where required. You’ll have a dedicated account manager available during UK working hours, and a feedback button on the report for all out-of-hours enquiries. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee - don’t pay for any report you’re not happy with.
How much does it cost? Are there any hidden extra costs?
Xapien is a subscription service with tiered pricing based on report usage. Our subscription model doesn’t distinguish between company and people reports - each counts as a single report. There are no extra “hidden” costs. Discounted prices are available for our University and Nonprofit clients. Just get in touch with one of our sales team to learn more.
How can I share reports with others?
All of our reports can be shared with non-users via a hyperlink and/or an exported pdf. A full white-label solution is available for enterprise clients.
Can you API to our CRM system to run automated searches?
Yep. We have an API which allows a workflow platform to call Xapien, kick off a report and the resulting report URL is returned.
How do we get set up?
Easy! We pride ourselves on our ease of integration with any existing process. Xapien is accessed via the web. Users will receive a URL with a link to the login portal, which they can access from any browser. Simply enter a password and you’re up and running. You’ll be able to run Xapien reports using your account and export, or share them to other people in your team.
Is your Natural Language Processing 100% accurate?
We pride ourselves on our accuracy and see reducing false positives as one of our core selling points. But our NLP and inference goes far beyond name matching. Using Machine Learning, we have taught the system to identify the ‘meaning’ of words, for example to “poach” eggs being different to “poaching” elephants and also when potentially risky terms are negated, for example working in “counter”-narcotics. That said, what we are trying to do is very hard and no AI is 100% accurate so there will be times when we get it wrong. Please use the feedback buttons or get in touch with your Customer Success manager directly to let us know about these instances as we are continually working to improve the tool. The more examples of where it has gone wrong, the better we can make it.
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