Webinar series: AI in prospect development

How AI empowered ClientEarth's new corporate strategy development

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ClientEarth's philanthropy team had secured approval for a large corporate fundraising strategy. But with limited capacity, they needed a way to scale their research and due diligence efforts. That's where Xapien stepped in. 

Philanthropy Manager, Camilla Fitzgerald, will discuss how she made a business case for AI, how it's been adopted across the entire philanthropy team, and what value that has unlocked for ClientEarth.

Meet our guest

Camilla Fitzgerald, Philanthropy Manager at ClientEarth, is a seasoned major donor fundraiser. She has extensive experience in events management and fundraising, including roles at Brooke and charity: water UK. She designed ClientEarth's corporate due diligence framework and, as the former Director of Development at Walkabout Foundation, implemented a successful five-year fundraising strategy. Her strategic vision contributed to Walkabout Foundation's growth from a £500k to nearly £1m income per year charity by 2021.

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What to expect

We'll discuss... 

  • How Camilla built a business case for using AI at ClientEarth

  • Why she chose Xapien to launch their corporate fundraising strategy 

  • How Xapien has empowered the philanthropy team to easily identify risks 

  • Why Xapien is now used for all fundraising — not just corporate strategy