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Due diligence: 

Due diligence underpins any regulatory, recruitment, investment, reputational, supplier or client intake decision. But existing practices are not fit for the digital age. At best they are inefficient, slowing growth. At worst they are tick-box exercises that expose your business to major risks.

Xapien is a simple-to-use enhanced due diligence tool, that delivers a fully-automated and concise due diligence report on any individual or organisation.

With one simple search, our intelligent AI software reads millions of fragmented data sources from across the internet, media and corporate data sources. ​

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Unlock the strategic advantages of automated due diligence


Beyond manual research

Go beyond traditional checks confined to lists, databases, records, and keywords. Our due diligence software reads and categorises information fragmented across the internet, using machine learning to surface diverse risks found in any online source. 



Enhanced due diligence

Xapien highlights regulatory, reputational and values-led risks for organisations, accelerating and streamlining the due diligence process. From client and customer due diligence to employment and procurement due diligence, Xapien enables fast, confident and traceable decision-making.


Instant opportunity identification

Xapien surfaces all close associates of your target organisation or individual.  Our platform also uncovers key insights on individuals from their institutional, professional, and personal backgrounds. This enables due diligence teams to pinpoint their efforts to drive lasting revenue.

Due diligence software features


Connections and associates

Xapien will surface all close associates. Corporate records as well as open-source data are analysed to extract family members, business partners and overlapping directors. Map out networks at a glance with a due diligence platform that goes further, faster.



Locations in context

Every address is shown on a map, alongside streetview images giving you a textured view of where your subject operates from.



Auto translated

Xapien finds content from across the globe, published in over 100 languages. All content is translated into English and scanned for risk. You get all the facts about your subject.


For everyone, every time

Get instant, actionable and shareable insights on individuals and organisations at scale.